Welcome to Twilight Tours, your gateway to extraordinary golf adventures across the UK, New Zealand and beyond.

Our story begins with two friends, a shared love of golf and a desire to offer golf experiences to the most prestigious courses in the world.

At Twilight Tours, we specialise in curating golf experiences that go beyond the ordinary. While we offer golf tours worldwide, Scotland holds a special place in our hearts as the birthplace of golf. With our extensive network and local knowledge, we secure coveted tee times at top-tier courses at competitive prices.

Twilight Tours is about more than just golf. We pride ourselves on organising every aspect of your journey, from exclusive restaurant reservations to ancillary activities like clay bird shooting, whiskey tours and castle visits. Our goal is to ensure your tour is nothing short of extraordinary.

For over four and a half years, Twilight Tours has been creating golfing memories that last a lifetime. We've had the privilege of guiding golfers through the scenic fairways of Scotland, the rolling landscapes of England, the enchanting courses of Ireland, the vineyards of France, the sun-kissed greens of Portugal, and even our Kiwi homeland, New Zealand.

Join us on a golf odyssey that celebrates the sport, camaraderie, and the beauty of the world's most iconic courses. Twilight Tours invites you to be part of our journey and embark on a golfing adventure like no other.